SOLD OUT! All 100 ‘Limited Edition’ Pressed Copies Gone!

The album is available as a digital download now, here at Bandcamp. The CDs were limited edition hard copies for the album launches.  Now there are none left, but you can download it straight to your computer!

One thought on “SOLD OUT! All 100 ‘Limited Edition’ Pressed Copies Gone!

  1. Feargus Hetherington

    The collaboration between pianist/singer Hamish Napier and fiddler Adam Sutherland, entitled ‘Nae Plans’, truly celebrates the ‘here and now’. The visceral, daring, passionate and dedicated delivery of the music is breathtaking.
    This venture offers the performers the opportunity to really push the boundaries of character, charm, risk-taking and therefore joy, which are some of the most vital ingredients in live performance.
    The work is exceptionally stimulating and captivating, and brings forth a wealth of techniques, stylistic diversity and energising creativity from these artists, making for an inspiring experience for the listener.


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